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flipper zero goodies [intercom_keys][scripts]

Universal intercom keys

Универсальные ключи от домофонов

    [spb] => ./spb,
    [msk] => ./msk,
    [brn] => ./brn,
    [kgn] => ./kgn,
    [starnew] => ./starnew,
    [unknwn] => ./unknwn,
    [debug] => ./debug

p.s. if you have universal intercom keys, but you can’t scan it, then get into contact with me: or just create a pull request

p.p.s. keys for one city may work in another city/country

p.p.p.s. follow the updates in wetox_crew channel

How to use

unziped folders folder in Flipper’s SD card
/path/to/flipperzero-goodies_keys_release_*/ibutton /ibutton
/path/to/flipperzero-goodies_keys_release_*/lfrfid /lfrfid
/path/to/flipperzero-goodies_keys_release_*/nfc /nfc
/path/to/flipperzero-goodies_keys_release_*/ibutton_fuzzer /ibutton_fuzzer
/path/to/flipperzero-goodies_keys_release_*/lfrfid_fuzzer /lfrfid_fuzzer
/path/to/flipperzero-goodies_keys_release_*/mifare_fuzzer /mifare_fuzzer

Download the zip file from the latest release page and read


The folders ibutton_fuzzer, lfrfid_fuzzer and mifare_fuzzer are needed to use fuzzer apps, check and install them:

    [ibutton_fuzzer] => /DarkFlippers/Multi_Fuzzer,
    [lfrfid_fuzzer] => /DarkFlippers/Multi_Fuzzer,
    [mifare_fuzzer] => /spheeere98/mifare_fuzzer,

from wetox with love